Freckles are skin stains that we inherit genetically or occur after long exposures to sunlight. Freckles, become visible after an increase of melatonin, a harmless substance that invades certain parts of our skin. Of course, freckles cannot be categorized as a dermatologic disorder! It is totally normal to have freckles! They are mostly to occur on people with sensitive skin and a pale skin color. As they are generally visible after an exposure to sun, they are rather seen on our cheeks, forehead, neck, back and shoulders- areas that are naturally most exposed to the sun! As a matter of fact, they become darker and more visible in the summer during our lovely days underneath the sun, in the garden, at the beach or wherever we are having fun! On the other hand, when its winter the amount of freckles on our bodies decreases and fades. Let’s just hope winter is coming and the freckles don’t come with it! Putting the fun and the everlasting Game of Thrones joke aside, if you aren’t happy with your freckles you should be aware that there are a great amount of freckle fans out there. Most people think they are a sign of sexiness! So don’t worry!

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Freckles occurring on the outer layer of our skin, the epidermis, as we just said aren’t a skin disease or a dermatological disorder. However, although they aren’t a sign of danger, they are a sign that we aren’t protecting from the sun enough. Freckles are actually a reaction our skin gives to the sunbeams! As some of us love how freckles look on our skin, some of us can believe that these stains don’t look great aesthetically and often people look for ways to get rid of their freckles. Below you can find answers to questions, such as “What can you do to get rid of freckles, to make sure they aren’t visible?” or “What kind of professional treatment can we get if we aren’t happy with our freckles?”

Professional Medical Treatment for Freckles and Sun Spots

Sun stains and freckles may not be seen as an important skin danger cause, but as we should do with everything other, it is important to take advice from a doctor before treatment.  Dermatologists will examine your freckles and will tell you if these spots are harmless or not. Body stains and especially stains that are getting darker and darker in time, can often be a sign of skin cancer and should be taken seriously. These spots should be analysed professionally by a dermatologist before any treatment is taken.

So let’s say you have seen your dermatologist and he or she has come to the conclusion that your freckles are harmless. As a result, you have learnt that you can have treatment to get rid of them. What are your options?

The Lemon Water Trick

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Lemon water is a natural color whitener. It not only helps to lighten the color of our skin, but also can be used to naturally to lighten our hair! As lemon is a natural antioxidant and antibacterial it has no side effects unless you are allergic to lemons! It is rich in Vitamin C, a very effective aspect for skin lightening! It will clear our dark spots, even acne marks and dark patches on our face. Vitamin C is scientifically proven to reduce the amount of melanin produced in our skin. What are you waiting for! Squeeze some lemon juice. Carefully dip some cotton into it and apply to face. Let the lemon water sit for approximately 10 minutes. Then wash with a lot of water and dry off your skin! If you are in the mood you could also have some fun by preparing a simple lemonade to enjoy while you are waiting! What a treat!


Using a Skin Whitener Cream

Whitener creams found in many pharmacy’s and beauty centres, maybe aren’t totally going to get rid of your freckles, but they will help you transform the freckles and sun spots into a lighter color. It will also help you with the general appearance of your skin!

The Microdermabrasion Treatment

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Microdermabrasion, is a skin stain treatment based on a special instrument that allows a vacuum application to the skin containing aluminium particles. After the initial spray of exfoliating crystals the vacuum is removed from the skin with a high amount of pressure. With this treatment, the procedure lets the skin to be almost regenerated and the smoother layer of the skin replaces the treated outer skin layer with guidance. As the Microdermabrasion treatment peels the skin with via a totally professional way, it is accepted as one of the biggest anti-aging treatments.

Laser Treatments

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Laser treatments can make the freckles less visible, but can also sometimes totally get rid of them. Temporary change of color, redness and bruise in the area of treatment can be totally normal. In contrast, the long range side effects of the laser treatment is a current topic of debate among experts. We are unsure whether it is healthy or not, but it is one of the options. Anyway, based on how long the stain has been on the skin and how dark the spots are, the duration and necessary amount of treatment is decided by the experts.

Keeping Away From the Sun


As we said before, freckles are not only genetically occurred spots, but can also occur due to too much exposure to the sun. In this situation, in order to avoid the occurrence of freckles we must use high factorial sun creams- especially if we frequently like going swimming and sun bathing. We should use plenty of sun cream! Don’t worry it will not be wasted and don’t forget to repeat it every 1-2 hours!

Also, taking a hat or cap with you before you leave your house can be a significant remedy! To avoid exposure, you can also wear bright color, long sleeve light clothing- this will save you from extreme exposure of the sun and it will also lower the risk of cancer and it will also keep dermatological diseases away from skin!



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