Actually it is not hard to figure out the man is cheating. You just need to look for the clues and observe his attitudes.

Are you wondering if your husband or your boyfirend is cheating on you? How does the infidelity start,how do you know? You just need to look for maybe not all of them but some of the tips we are giving you.

Cares about himself more

How Do You Know Your Man is Cheating on You

Oldest way of knowing a cheater is observing if he cares about himself more than usual. Because  men comparing to women are less successful of thinking how they look from outside and thinking the details.

Men are careless when they cheat… They start care about themselves more,buy new clothes,showers more,buy new colognes, go to gym and have diet,come home unexpected hours and say that they have meetings constantly. It is good to look from this point of view to the man you are being with.

Hides his phone

How do you know your man is cheating on you (1)

The phones are becoming indispensable of our daily lives and works  for the receiving cheating signals too. A man who cheats is dying to hide his phone like he never used to from you. He does everything not to talk in front of you. He spends his time to delete every messages in case of you find his phone and look for them. In the meantime he probably saves name of the woman with a male name or “mrs. …” in his phone.  So he can give the image of a work friend or someone he meets formal.


Cares his children less

If there is an infidelity in your marriage, men starts careing his children less. They start to get bored at weekend with family. Because of their mind is with the other woman,he can’t be there with his family physically. At the end he ruin the time you have together.

Hides his credit card receipts

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Best way of knowing if your man is cheating on you is looking for his credit card receipts. But you know, you can get them with e-mails now. Until the time he receives them with e-mail, it’s good to check up on them.

Have sex unwillingly and fast

How Do You Know Your Man is Cheating on You

Actually bedroom is the only place where cheating man give up himself.Think about it,he is far away from all of the excuses there…How willingly he is up to sex,how passionate he is,they are all clues for you.

If your man is cheating on you, obviously he won’t be willing like he used to. You can notice difference in the sex positions and his effort for finishing it quickly. But for the sake of hiding it he won’t refuse the meaningless sex with you like it is normal. The most determinative behaviour is how he treats you after sex. You need to pay attention if he kisses you like he mean it or hugs you.How close a man could be if his heart and mind with somebody else.

Have panic attacks

How Do You Know Your Man is Cheating on You

Proffessional  psychologist Yıldız Burkovik says that the men who have affairs usually have panic attacks. She says that a man who manages having affairs with one or two or three  women make him feel pleasure and feel strong,he may feel excited at first but in time it changes into trouble and anxiety. Burkovik says ”Sometimes breathes are hold; having often and irregular breathes are disturb healt,with anxiety and deep thoughts  makes panic attacks” So look closely for the man you are being with if he has panic attacks when everyting is allraight.

Hyperactive men

How Do You Know Your Man is Cheating on You

Marriage and family therapist İlkim Öz shows us another point of view about men who cheats.”Men who have personality disorder cheats. Hyperactive men cannot be monogamus. Men who has complex cheats to prove themselves.”. It is for the best  trying to figure out the truth with considering these facts for you!


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