“I’m ready to show lovers around the world that true love still exists”.

Love is definitely one of the best feelings in the world. That’s why, there are millions of songs, poems and novels written on love even if it makes you get disappointed sometimes and hurts you. Your broken heart, bad memories or experiences can make you lose your faith in love. But, the life-long real love does exist and here is a good example that will make you smile!

Heart Melting Photo Shoot (2)

Last year, an American wedding photographer Shalyn Nelson wanted to give her grandparents an invaluable gift on their 63rd wedding anniversary.

Heart Melting Photo Shoot (3)

She organized a photo shooting for her grandmother Wanda and grandfather Joe Nelson, who got married in 1952.  Her aim was to show all the lovers around the world that true love still exists.

Heart Melting Photo Shoot (4)

Wanda and Joe who wore completely new wedding apparels posed happily for the camera. Shalyn Nelson also wanted her grandparents to write love letters to each other for the photograph series called ‘Love.’

Heart Melting Photo Shoot (1)

Joe Nelson wrote these lines for his beloved wife Wanda:

Heart Melting Photo Shoot (5)

“Dearest Wanda, it’s been a long time since I have written you a letter. The time passed quickly. Anyway, nothing will ever change my love for you. We have three children and seeing them grown up is very joyful. I wish we could turn back to those years. I would like to say that I still love you as much, probably more”.

Joe proposed marriage to Wanda in 1950. The couple got married in 1952 and they have now been married for 64 years.



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