Whomever you may love, your mom will always be your first love. Knowing your feelings about her is the most valuable president. But, what about telling how much we love her with the presidents that you crafted? Handmade gifts will make you mom very happy, and greeting cards can be an example of practical handmade gifts. Are you ready to combine your message to your mom with your creativity?

To your mom who color your life with her love:

Handmade Greeting Cards (1)

As a special gift for your mother, you can prepare this card, picturing hearts that are hanged on a tree branch. Coloring the hearts would make your card more decorative. You can add your message on it and will be a gift that your mom will keep it for years.

For whom this heart beats:Handmade Greeting Cards (3)

The best gift that you can give to your mom is your love. But you can give her a gift that represents your love for her. What about crafting a very decorative card with a huge heart on it? You can prepare your card with colorful construction papers and add your message on it.

Flowerlike present for your flowerlike mom:Handmade Greeting Cards (4)

You can decorate your card with flowers and add your message on it. A little ladybug sticker can make your card even cuter. We are sure that your mom will frame this card and hang it on the wall.

Hearty balloons:Handmade Greeting Cards (5)

You can make heart shapes with felt and use rope in order to make it look like a balloon. On the other side of the card, you can write your hearty messages. Don’t forget to add date!

Colorful Cards for Her Kitchen:Handmade Greeting Cards (6)

You can your message inside the cards that are in shape of cups. Even more, you can add flower shapes in it. Your mom can put it on her kitchen and share it with everyone.

Lovely little flowerpots:Handmade Greeting Cards (7)

You can make a colorful little pot for your mom, and plant your valuable emotions in it. With buttons and colorful construction papers, you can prepare the flowers that grew with love.

Heart Tree:Handmade Greeting Cards (8)

This card will be one of the most special gifts for your mom. The construction paper that you cut in the shape of your hand will be the trunk of the tree. Then you can add colorful heart shapes that look like leaves. You can write your message in the trunk.


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