Great Documentaries Everyone Must Watch

The Act of Killing

Great Documentaries Everyone Must Watch

It can be one of the most striking documentaries I’ve ever watched. It doesn’t scare us, it makes us tremble. There are a lot of important points mentioned in the documentary. I want to quote the statement of the Indonesian Minister of Culture and Sports:
“Here it seems that we are slaughtering the communists barbarically. I’m not saying that let’s not mention it but we should find a more humane way to do it.”

Guns, Germs, and Steel

Great Documentaries Everyone Must Watch

I’ve read the novel and then watched the documentary. And it is a lot of work, we are talking about a 611 pages book and documentary consisting of 3 parts. I suggest you read and watch and make people read and watch it.
Also, there were some dramatic scenes in the documentary, and great special effects.

Zeitgeist: The Movie

Great Documentaries Everyone Must Watch

It is a masterpiece that makes you question everything you know, believe and trust. It’s a very striking documentary that makes me think like “everybody should watch this”. But I also wish the things the documentary tells us weren’t real.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

It is a very successful documentary that helped me bring together all the little pieces of ideas and thoughts I had in my head for years. I can say that this documentary helped me understand a lot of things, such as concepts related to economics. I especially felt close to Jacque Fresco who we can see in the second part of the documentary.

Born Into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids

It’s a delightful documentary, it makes me envy the people who produces, shoots, edits this documentary. I even envy the man who carries the cables in the backstage. It’s a very sincere, well-intentioned, controlled film. Everyone should go, see, feel and buy a DVD to take home and watch again and again.

Nature’s Great Events

It’s a BBC documentary series that makes me think that they’ve done a great job. This series which started in February 11 is a lot like Planet Earth but unlike Planet Earth this documentary describes a single event in every episode. For example, the first episode tells us about glacier melting in summer, and the second episode describes the migration of salmon. Presented by David Attenborough, this documentary is released on Discovery Channel in the US.


A great documentary by Carl Sagan. A good start to understand the universe. Who knows how our journey that starts in a little blue dot will end? I don’t.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

In this documentary, astronomer Carl Sagan leads us on an engaging guided tour of the various elements and cosmological theories of the universe.


It is an incredible and unbearable documentary. It reminds us that the things we do without realizing in daily life actually includes wildness. And it makes us realize that the world is related to the principle “strong is right”. Even if I was only able watch the first part of the documentary, and I felt hopeless, it raises awareness about some subjects.

The Corporation

It is one of the best documentaries that have been ever made. Everybody should watch this documentary. If I had the chance, I would make millions of copies of this documentary and distribute them for free.

Food, Inc.It is the best film I’ve ever watched. It creates awareness about the state of food industry not only in US, but also in many other countries. It tells us about how we can’t control what we eat, and how world is contaminated by genetically modified foods and how workers are tortured by these multi-national firms. It’s a documentary nominated for Oscars.

Planet Earth

It’s a unique documentary. I can’t imagine the amount of time spent to record such an extraordinary documentary in great quality and in an artful way. As we can understand from its name, the documentary is about Earth in general. It shows as penguins as they wait for 4 months in a storm where it’s -70°C degrees in South Pole, as well as polar bears coming out of hibernation in North Pole. We see one of the endangered species, beautiful snow leopards and then we see the only herd of reindeers of 3 million. Even just to see the scenes of sharks hunting seals, we should buy the DVDs.


It’s a great documentary series, especially the details about shooting. The episode with the flying fish really captured my attention. Also the episode about plants had great visuals.

Human Planet

It is a BBC documentary composed of 70 different stories, completed in 3 years in 40 countries. Especially the episode “Oceans, Into The Blue” is legendary. It shows how humans have perfectly adapted to the conditions of nature, starting with the words “only one creature has carved a life for itself, in every habitat on earth”. You shouldn’t miss it.


This documentary shows us taboo rituals and traditions practiced in some societies, yet forbidden and illegal in others. Each hour-long episode details a specific topic. There is two episodes that I can’t forget about: “Love huts” in Cambodia, where young girls and boys can have sexual intercourse, and the first time Londoner tastes an animal’s genitals which has a special place in Far Eastern food culture.


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