What is going on in the stock market these days? What is the current situation of dollar? Oh wait a second, we are not talking about the stock market. We are just going to talk about Gigi Hadid’s manicure.Gigi Hadid’s

Striking MET GALA starting to reveal its most jazzy details. Gigi Hadid attending the night with her boyfriend Zayn Malik, was one of the celebs that has been the most wildly spoken about. They were shining in the concept of ManusXMachina and it was very obvious that they spent an enormous amount of time and effort to get ready for the Gala. Gigi had a manicure for $2,000 for that special night. Mary y Soul, the nail artist of the supermodel said that, they had inspired by the technology and had placed crystals on the inner part of the nails for the metallic-like look made from chrome.



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