Generally, the seats above the wings are considered to be the safest places to sit on an airplane. However, some experiments show that the safest place to sit on a plane is probably in the back.

If you have seen it, you would probably remember the documentary “The Plane Crash”. The producers of the documentary used different cameras, sensors and mannequins that consist of real breakable bones for their experiment in April 2012. They used a Boeing 727 airplane for the documentary and crashed it into the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. Generally, mannequins in the first 11 row – sitting in the first class, business or premium economy class seats – were completely broken into pieces. They stated that in this condition, the pressure on the front of the plane is two times bigger than the back; therefore all of the passengers sitting in the front rows would lose their lives, but the 78% of the passengers sitting in the back rows would survive in this type of crash. After the documentary’s release, it is known that there was a drastic decrease in selling the first class plane tickets in United Kingdom.

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Of course, it is never right to jump into conclusions immediately. But the results from another experiment, this time conducted by Popular Mechanics in 2007, were similar to the former experiment mentioned above. After analyzing all the plane crashes and accidents from 1971 to 2007, it was found out that the survival chance of the passengers sitting in the back rows was 69%, the passengers sitting in the middle and above the wings was 56%, and the passengers sitting in the front rows was 49%.

Yet the biggest aircraft producers do not agree with the results of the researches. A Boeing spokesman says that the safest seat on an airplane is the one with a seat belt on. Airbus also states that the safest planes are the ones who are frequently and completely serviced.

If you are afraid of planes or you get more and more nervous while reading this article: It is also good to remind you that the airplane accidents are not as deadly as it is thought. For example, 568 airplane accidents happened in the U.S. between 1993 and 200; and out of 53.487 passengers, 51.207 survived.

Still, feel free to choose the seats on the back rows if you want.



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