Which jeans model is appropriate for your body? The clues for you to find the perfect model are below.

It is normal to be confused in front of all these jeans models. It is not easy to choose the model that is appropriate for your body among skinny, straight, flared, boyfriend and many other models. Sometimes, more than one of the models are appropriate for some body types, and sometimes just one model fits perfectly for some bodies. But don’t worry, finding the right jeans model that looks good on you and putting an end to this confusion matter. To help you at this point, we want to share information about which jeans model is appropriate for which body type.


High Rise Jeans

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Women who have bodies that look like hourglass should draw attention to the thinnest part of their body, to their waists. Skinny, high rise jeans are exactly for you. If you prefer skinny and high rise jeans with a simple buckled belt, you can draw attention to your thin waist. Another key point is to tuck some part of your blouse in your jeans – this way, your legs look longer.


Boyfriend Jeans


If you have straight legs and narrow hips, boyfriend jeans may look very well on you. If you wear boyfriend jeans of which legs rolled up with light colored t-shirts, you can obtain a fresh look. It seems like boyfriend jeans, which have been popular for a long time, will continue to be popular for some more time. Boyfriend jeans that we saw at 2016 Spring-Summer fashion shows look so cool when they are used in the right way.


Flared Jeans

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If you have a curvy and full-figured body, flared jeans are meant for you. These jeans with wide trousers look god on many different body types, but if you have a curvaceous body, your hips look better in flared jeans. If you prefer the models that begin to widen at your knees, you can balance the width of your hips. With a flared, high rise jeans, your waist looks thinner. Moreover, if you put on high heels, the result will be unbelievable.


Straight Cut Jeans

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We recommend to petite women to prefer straight cut, close-fitting jeans. These jeans with short-cut legs look good on especially short women. These straight cut jeans that we also saw in 2016 Spring-Summer fashion shows will be a trend for some more time.


Loose Jeans

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Women who have pear shaped bodies can prefer close-fitting flared jeans. Loose jeans balance the appearance for pear shaped bodies, just like it does for full-figured bodies, so that attention can be draws away from your hips. If you prefer dark colored (navy blue or black) jeans, you can enhance this balancing effect. Flared jeans look like they will not lose their popularity at all.


Short, Loose Jeans

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Women with long and thin legs are so lucky, because almost all jeans models look good on them. However, if you want to take the advantage of your long legs, you have to try short, loose jeans. We saw this model frequently in 2016 Spring-Summer collections and it certainly looks cool. Short women should avoid this model but tall women should have a go at this model.


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