Extreme Reactions of People to the Results of Race Test According to their DNA
In a study conducted, the races of people were researched based on their DNA. The reactions of people who learned that they were from different races are interesting.
They gathered the saliva of many people from different countries and identified their races.

My favorite part was when at the end the French lady said, “This test should be compulsory for everyone so that no one in the world would fight and make war.”
Another thing that attracts attention is how important race is to everyone and how they dislike neighboring countries.

When they ask the Kurdish girl, “Is there a race that you hate?”, and she says that she hates the Turkish people, then closes her mouth with her hands (as if she accidentally let it slip) and corrects it by saying “the government, not the people”. And in the end, she learns that she has Turkish ancestors.

As a result, there is no such thing as a pure race, take off your blinkers, love yourself first and then love and respect others.

What I don’t understand is that why they became emotional and shed tears when they learned their races. If I learned that I was 60% German or something, I would be surprised and just say “wow, that’s amazing”.


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