Zoos and giant aquariums in metropolitan cities… Unhappy animals torn apart from their habitat are presented to please people. Though it seems an entertaining activity, unfortunately these activities display unhappy animals. We put the boot the foot in when we make people who take these animals captive gain money.

Why on earth an animal may want to escape from where it is kept captive? The answer is clear. Because it is unhappy and wants freedom.  Just as Inky the Octopus.

Staffs working in National Aquarium in New Zealand couldn’t find Inky the Octopus when they searched for it in the morning.


Inky the Octopus, popular in New Zealand, realized the lid of the tank was left slightly ajar, and then it clambered and escaped.


Inky slid across the aquarium floor -almost four meters- and reached the pipeline that led to the ocean and became free.


As known, due to their invertebrate structure, octopuses can enter holes even at the size of a coin.

Staff said that Inky was a very clever octopus that they didn’t launch a search for it.


Now, Inky the octopus swims in the ocean freely and happily.




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