ouldn’t go out of our budget to attend every invitation. You can do your makeup at home.If you’re gonna prefer smoky eye makeup,we made a guide for you. Let’s see which one will you like.

How to apply intense smoky eye makeup?

Intense Smoky Effect

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Smoky eye makeup is actually a makeup trick. It crystallizes your small eyes or color of your eyes. You can bring out your eyes and select the most crucial point in the eyes with smoky eye makeup. You won’t need eyeliner in this eye makeup. First, use a concealer to apply both your lids. Then use a tone of lighter color to all lid. Apply the color you choose and deal thoroughly with a brush.  Apply lighter pencil to your brow bone and your makeup is ready.

Metallic Effects

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Metallic gray tones are ideal for smoky eye makeup! Use dark metallic gray color on the eyelid and use lighter shade of metallic gray a bit on it,mix with shadow brush.Apply the color formed in the brush to your lower eyelashes and complete your makeup with mascara!

Green Charm

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If you have green or hazel eyes, smoky eye makeup with earthy colors will suit you perfectly!  Apply a shimmering copper color eyes hadow on the eyelid and then the green gliterring eye shadow. Mix colors.

Damson Eyes

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Who doesn’t love the color purple?  If you have colored eyes , plum shades will suit you. Apply plum color eye shadow on the eyelids and lower eyelashes, Use two shades lighter plum color eye shadow (light pinkish) onto the eyelids. Don’t forget to use lighter bottom of your eyes!



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