Care, told the harsh and bad aspects of modeling in an interview with The Times.

Cara Delevingne gained fame through modeling, though,she is extremely happy for leaving aside the fashion industry and decided to go into acting.

She says,because of the stress of her work,she suffered from psoriasis and everything in her life worsened.

Modelling made her sick

“People think that this is something like leprosy, they seemed,they don’t want to touch me without wearing gloves…”

“”For me, it was not a good process. After months of struggle and flight continued without stopping. This is also a psychological process. If you start to hate yourself and your body, the situation gets worse.”

Fashion world forces to grow up

“I forgot how much young i was… I felt very old. I felt that i couldn’t refuse when they told me to give sexy or naked poses when i was younger. I’m actually a bit of a feminist, and this has . This is really disgusting and disturbing…”

Learned to fight

“I’m really good at fighting for myself and the others. If there’s an injustice,i don’t get involved with it.If someone crosses the line,i announce it to everyone”




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