Maybe a handful of ice cubes can cool your juice down, but it can be used for more. First of all, applying ice cubes to your skin has many benefits! Being the solid state of water, ice can be definitely considered as a DIY face mask!

Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags


Washing your face with cold water helps you to get rid of under eye bags. Applying ice cubes on your face will make you feel awake and help to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. You can gently apply a cold compress to your skin with ice cubes; however if you are looking for a more effective way, you can simply add green tea into the ice bars instead of water. The green tea ice cubes containing caffeine will help you to get rid of under eye bags and dark circles in an effective way if only ice cubes don’t work well.

Reduce The Redness Of Acne


Maybe an ice cube cannot remove the acne on your skin completely, but it can help to reduce the redness and pain. Put some ice cubes into an ice bag and apply the ice bag on your acne for 5-10 minutes.  You will see that it is more effective than many expensive skin creams.

Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells


If you are looking for a peeling gel or cream that refresh and revive your skin, then you can create your own solution and get rid of your dead skin cells. Don’t worry, the solution is 100% natural! Blend cucumber pieces and strawberries with a hand blender and add some water into the mixture. Put the mixture into the ice bars and let it freeze. Then, apply these ice cubes to your face. You can use this method few times a week. When the cubes start to melt, the granular texture of the mixture will work as a natural peeling product.

Soothe Sunburn Pain


If you would like to relax your skin and soothe sunburn pain after the summer holiday, then you should put aloe vera gel into the ice bar and let it freeze. Then, apply the cold aloe vera cubes to your sunburn. See how it works!

Give Yourself A Facial Massage


Wrap a handful of ice cubes with a small towel and add a few drops of lavender oil on it. Gently massage your neck and face every night before going to bed. It will also help you to fall into sleep easily.


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