Japanese women’s shiny hair,Greek women’s beauty from olive oil… Every country has their own customs about beauty. We’ve gathered for you the beauty secrets from different countries.


Beauty Secrets The beauty secret of Australian women is said to date back to the Aborigines.  With moisturizing and refreshing properties, yarrow prevents aging lines.


Beauty Secrets

The secret of Chilean women’s glossy skin comes from red grapes known as a source of antioxidants.You can crush bunch of red grapes,mix it with two tablespoons of flour. Apply the mask to your skin and rinse it after waiting 10 minutes. This natural mask, destroyes signs of exhaustion in the skin, gives a great glow.

Dominican Republic

Beauty Secrets

Women of Dominican Republic, known for their strong nails. This nails’ secret is in the garlic.Take a piece of fresh garlic to the colorless nail polish bottle and wait for a weer or 10 days. Then apply your nail polish. Do not be afraid, it doesn’t remain a trace of the garlic smell.


Beauty Secrets

It’s not an urban legend that Cleopatra’s beauty is hidden in milk bath. To soften your skin and to get rid of dead skin,put two cups of milk to the bath water and you can achieve a soft skin.


Beauty Secrets

The beauty secret of women in France, lies in the skin cleansing. French women known for their habit. They don’t  go to bed without cleaning their makeup. They also have a special mask formula. Apply the mask,prepared by crushing cherry and pomegranate seeds,for five minutes. French women can attain both radiant skin and increase the skin elasticity with natural enzymes.


Beauty Secrets

Greek women symbolize the beauty of the mediterranean women. Their beauty secret lies in the mediterranean style diet ,as much as olive oil.Greek women consume rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fish,fresh vegetables and fruits. They have a dietary habits with antioxidants and rich in vitamins.



Beauty Secrets (5)

Israeli women who believe in the healing power of sea salt and think their beauty comes from the Lake of Lut. If you want to take advantage of sea salt detox at home, mix quarter cup of sea salt, a pinch of seaweed, half a cup massage oil, 10-15 drops of lavender oil and apply it to your skin.


Beauty Secrets

The secret of the Italian women’s hair, hidden in the kitchen. Italian women mix the yogurt and olive oil to moisturize their hair so the hair will earn both protein and moisture. Apply the mix of a cup of yogurt and a spoon of olive oil to washed hair and rinse with cold water after waiting five minutes.



Beauty Secrets

The secret of Japanese women’s long silky hair is also in Japanese kitchen. Seaweed is one of the basic materials of sushi and cornerstones of healty hair because it is a rich source of iodine.


Beauty Secrets

The beauty of Spanish women’s hair comes from cranberries. Before leaving the bathroom, mix a quarter cup of cranberry juice with normal water and apply it to your hair. It will make your hair glow when you move to the sun after applying it.


Beauty Secrets

Swedish women’s natural beauty is hidden in eating habits weighted fruit and fish, as well as saunas which hold an important place in the Swedish  culture.Sauna cleans skin from toxins. If you want to catch sauna effect at home, mix some rock salt, olive oil and 10 drops of eucalyptus oil and massage all skin, then rinse with cold water.


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