All people around the world shed tears and reacted to Orlando shooting, the deadliest mass shooting in the US history resulted in 49 deads and 53 casualties. People did their best in order to help victims and relatives in these hard times but the best assistance came from “Therapy Dogs”.

The organization has 120 dogs in 23 states, all of which are trained to support people in crisis. In such trauma situations the group moves swiftly with adorable dogs trained to provide emotional support for people affected by tragedy.

Calm And Friendly, Golden Retrievers

11 Golden Retrievers coming from Illinois , Iowa, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin states arrived in Orlando to comfort the victims who lost their relatives and financially or morally affected by the terrible event. The only and most significant thing dogs do is to send their love to people and listen them, as they did for grieving victims and families after Sandy Hook Massacre and Boston Marathon bombing.

It’s stated on The Huffington Post that dogs are good listeners, they don’t take notes and they never judge anybody under any circumstances. For depressed people affected by the heavy massacre, ‘talking to dogs and telling them their sufferings’ is a significant part of healing process. These little and loyal friends get along with every people of all ages and sexes, and remind us the importance of friendship, innocence and kindness once again.  

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