We always thought that the noble character of the Lord of the Rings series was always truthful, but is he a wizard as good natured as we thought?

A Professional War Hawk from the Vicious Architects of the Great Middle Earth Project: Gandalf

Warning: contains spoilers for The Lord of the Rings series.

Gandalf is a man of duty who does his job well. His magical skills are however no more than of an ordinary wizard.

He once provoked King Theoden against the free people of Uruk and leader Saruman in order to relieve the king, and he didn’t allow them to live in this region.

He kept the ring of power from its owner, while doing so, he didn’t even take any risks or responsibility. He also used the Shire people for his traitorous plans, making the halflings join the battle. Even having sent two halflings right into the fire, Gandalf is still remembered as a hero by some people. (what a pity)

Provocation being his strong suit, he ended the lives of many Middle Earth people and provoked many of others in order to end their lives too. (Orcs, Uruks, Ents, Hobbits are the first ones that come to mind)

He was jealous of the dynamism Saruman brought to the region. So much so that, when Isengard entered the period of the most advanced technology and industrialization of all time, Gandalf wanted to stop this development by using the villains in Rohan and unfortunately he was successful.

The most detailed investigations about him have already been made by Gríma Wormtongue, one of the wisest men of that period, and in his works, he made sure that Gandalf was recognized in all aspects.

Gandalf didn’t refrain himself from killing an endangered Balrog.

As a result of not respecting the free people of the region, he set ground for the battle of Orcs I and II and eventually reached his goal by carrying out the genocide.

After realizing the great MEP (Middle Earth Project) Gandalf the White, using his connections in every area, was able to take refuge in the immortal lands in 3021 by fooling the elves, so he wasn’t held accountable for his actions and he got away with it.


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