The strobing is a makeup technique that doesn’t make your skin fatigue and doesn’t need contouring in summer season,but also it gives glow to your face.

1.What is strobing? 
A glowy face with strobing makeup technique (1)

In the strobing technique, the area of face that gets natural light,strengthen with the help of a lighter to achieve more natural,damp and a lighter skin.It’s not so different about lighting. But you won’t need to wear a heavy makeup when you think about the contouring. Looking natural is very important in the strobing makeup technique.In contouring process,you shape your face with the shadows but in strobing makeup,you shape your face with light.You can say strobing is the opposite of contouring.

2.How to do?

A glowy face with strobing makeup technique (2) Like all the other makeups,start with a clean skin. Moisten your skin with moisturizing cream.

– Synchronize the color of your face with a light foundation. Do not forget to apply concealer to lower eyes.

– To secure the foundation,go over your makeup,a little bit, with transparent powder.


A glowy face with strobing makeup technique (3)

Apply the lighter to the over your eyebrows,from where lower eyes end to the temporal bone,the straight line on nose and the tip of the chin with the help of a brush or your fingers.But you don’t need to memorize these spots.You will see the spots naturally lighted when you look yourself under the light.

– After you wear your eye makeup,you can complete your look with a little blusher and a lipstick.

 4) Key Points: 

A glowy face with strobing makeup technique (4)

If you have a white skin,you can prefer a champagne color lighter or a light pink lighter.If you are fair-skinned,you can prefer golden color lighter. If you are dark-skinned,you can choose bronze-colored lighter.

– If you chose to apply your lighter with a brush,make sure if it’s too big or too small for the are you are doing. So it can be applied easily.


A glowy face with strobing makeup technique (5)

Make sure your lighter doesn’t contain big glitters.Don’t forget,we are trying to catch a natural look.

– If you have oily skin,you can carry oil absorbent wipes in you bag and balance excessive glare areas during the day.


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