As Korean TV series become more popular these days, we begin to hear that some of our friends talk about how nice they are. So, we’ve decided to make a list of the most popular Korean TV series for you. Here are some that you must watch!

1.City Hunter

City Hunter, which has been adapted to TV from a manga series by Tsukasa Hojo, is about Yoon-sung, who completes his PhD in the US and returns to Korea, where he begins to work as an IT specialist and sets out to take his step-father’s revenge. The actors are Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young, Lee Joon-hyuk, Kim Sang-joong, and Kim Sang-ho. You can watch the trailer of the series City Hunter in order to have an idea about it.

2.Missing You

The TV series Missing You, which has an amazing plot, begins with the tragic break-up story of two young people named Jung-woo and Soo-yeon, who became lovers at the age of 15. After many years Jung-woo is out for Soo-yeon; when he’s found her, Soon-yeon is no longer Soo-yeon that Jung-woo got to know when they were 15.

3.The Heirs

This Korean TV series which translates, can actually be said to be the Korean version of Gossip Girl, which we know from the US. This series tells about the high school adventures of the children of quite rich, elite families. Starring Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye. There have been many similar series in different countries as well. You can watch the trailer of The Heirs in order to have an idea.

4.Empress Ki

Goryeo born Ki Seung- nyang, a mighty and wealthy woman despite being contrary to the conditions of the period, later marries with Emperor Huizong and becomes the queen of the Yuan Dynasty. After that, all hell breaks loose. You can watch the trailer of Empress Ki to have an idea.

5.Boys Over Flowers

Another most watched Korean series is Boys Over Flowers. The series tells about the adventures that begin when four ultra-rich boys who hang out freely and nobody can resist at school chase a poor girl. You can watch the trailer of Boys Over Flowers to get an idea about its theme.

6.I’m Sorry I Love You

It would’ve probably been a big mistake if we hadn’t added this one to the list while speaking of Korean series. I will briefly talk about the plot of I’m Sorry I Love You and leave you with its trailer. Cha Moo-hyuk, who was abandoned by his family at an early age and adopted by an Australian family only to be subjected to abuse, survives on Australian streets by trickery. One day he meets a woman by the name of Song Eun-chae and his life turns into a mess. You can watch the trailer of I’m Sorry I Love You below.

7.A Gentleman’s Dignity

This Korean TV series, which is about the love life and career adventures of the Korean city-dweller, wonderfully tells the story of four guys who have been friends since their teenage years and are now in their forties. You can have more information on the series by watching its trailer below.

8.Playful Kiss

A young girl named Oh Ha-ni, who is one of the worst students in her class, falls in love with the smartest and most popular boy at school and tells him about her feelings a few times, in a number of ways. Oh Ha-ni first writes a letter to him but Baek Seung-jo turns her down angrily. And what is worse, she receives the same letter she’d forwarded with its grammatical errors and spelling mistakes corrected. Thus, Playful Kiss begins.


A plastic surgeon is abducted, made to time-travel, and taken back to the Goryeo period seven centuries ago. Here, our hero falls in love with a female warrior who has become the protector of the empire and the adventure begins. You can see the trailer of this Korean series below, also dubbed “ The Great Doctor “.

Bonus : Secret Garden

While those who are keen on Korean series are about to become angry with us thinking that we forgot to add Secret Garden to the list, we’d like to give it to you as a bonus.

Secret Garden is about the love story of a stunt double and a CEO. Gil Ra-im and Kim Joo-won are the actors and its trailer can be seen below.


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