Rome… A beautiful city with its historical and lively atmosphere which represents the Italian culture very well. The city of romantics, the city of history-lovers and the ones who love to entertain. Here you can do many great things and make your trip unforgettable. So, if you are planning a trip to Rome or at least looking for a great place to spend your holiday that is totally worth seeing, you should definitely consider our suggestions below!

1.Enjoy the atmosphere of the Villa Borghese


Maybe most of you haven’t discovered the beauty of the Villa Borghese yet which is one of the beautiful parks known with its peaceful atmosphere. It presents you a ‘green’ view with statues and ornamental pools. You can also rent a segway to take a tour in the park. Having a picnic in this park is a good idea if you want to escape from the city.

2.Having a dinner in Trastevere


You should definitely discover Trastevere with its lively nightlife. Not only with its bars and pubs, but also with its restaurants serving delicious foods, this place is definitely worth seeing as it attracts thousands of tourists every year.

3.Visit the Capitoline Museum


The Dying Gladiator is one of the magnificent statues in the Capitoline Museum, Palazzo Nuovo. It is considered that this time The Romans who were masters at wars offer an anti-war statement in this statue. You can also enjoy your coffee in the terrace cafe with the pleasant view.

4.See Villa Medici


Villa Medici is now a home to the French Academy and hosts many artistic activities such as concerts, international movie screenings, exhibits, tours and so on. If you are planning to visit Villa Medici, do not forget to see the bar upstairs as it is perfect for viewing sunsets.

5.Eat Gelato (Ice Cream)


Gelateria Corona is a father-and-daughter shop offering delicious traditional ice creams with many different flavors such as celery-mint, citrus-peperoncino, saffron-ricotta, pistachio with nuts, mango and Armagnac cream. You can enjoy your ice cream outside while discovering the ancient ruins and historical places.

6.Watch a movie at Cinema Farnese


This place is for cinema-lovers! The Cinema Farnese is still one of the most popular place to visit with its balcony. The movie programming varies from the mainstream to the popular ones. So, if you are a movie lover, then you should definitely visit and watch a movie at Cinema Farnese.

7.Discover the local bazaar: Campo de’ Fiori


The local bazaar is a great place that it allows you to discover the Italian culture with some colorful atmosphere. With its fresh fruits and vegetables, beside many other foods, Campo de’ Fiori is the one you must see in Rome.

8.The beautiful historical Palatine Hill


The Palatine Hill is considered as a legendary point that witnessed the beginning of Rome in 753 BC. You can enjoy the great view and visit the museum displaying many ancient ruins and colorful fragments of frescoes with marbles. The Palatine Gardens were restored in 2011 and the Stadium area was opened in 2013 for the first time.


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