People who have never had a cat to love or real friendships with meows say that “cats are ungrateful”. They only believe in this. They say that a cat goes to the one who feeds him or black cats are ominous etc…

Fortunately, we have social media that it reaches everyone, even to cat people whose heart beats for cats heard thousands kilometres far away! They watch cats’ videos and smile. They say, “Man?”, “These cats are really cute!”

These people may also say “cats do not love anyone”. Cats do not care about anyone. But, come on! Cats love and only real cat-lovers know this.

How does your cat show its love to you? What does it do? How does it behave?

Here you are! Beautiful illustrations of cat love.

1.Kneading and massage with paws

Signs Showing That Your Cat Loves You (1)

If your cat jumps on you and starts kneading, this means “I love you’’ in ‘meow’ language. 

2.Bringing gifts to you

Signs Showing That Your Cat Loves You (2)

Bringing little things, toys or the animals he has just caught, shows you his thankfulness. Actually he tries to say: “You clean my litter, give me food, love me… Here your gift! Meowww!”.

3.Fondling with his head

Signs Showing That Your Cat Loves You (1)

Cats have secret scent glands which emit their own scent in their heads and cheek areas . If your cat fondles you with his head, this means that ” you’re my family “. You become cat ‘s mother or father, in other words.

4.Showing his belly

Signs Showing That Your Cat Loves You (5)

We all know that cats do not like strangers to fondle their bellies. Shortly after, they attack to that hand and start biting it. If a cat shows you his belly and tell you by glance “come here, fondle me!”, it is because of his meow love for you.

5.An erect tail

Signs Showing That Your Cat Loves You (6)

If a cat approaches you with an erect tail and walks around you, this means he is in a good mood. Because of your behaviour, his heart is pounding and he is the happiest cat.

6.Biting fingers

Signs Showing That Your Cat Loves You (7)

If your cat bites your finger and it hurts, do not panic! If you love your cat, get used to it. These bitings are such as their interactions with other cats. He thinks that you are his other cat friend and he wants to play with you. So, let the finger pain.

7.Rubbing legs

Signs Showing That Your Cat Loves You (8)

If a kitty rubs your leg and blocks your movement, this means that it gives off his smell to you. It means that now you belong to him!


Signs Showing That Your Cat Loves You (9)


Cat purring is curative. It is good for your soul and body. If your kitty purrs, this means he is happy with you. And you can be sure that he thinks you two are like Romeo and Juliet!


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