Get ready to meet the best 8 tourism centers of the world…
Are you a tourist or a traveler? You can be both when you see the pictures of amazing 8 cities we gathered for you. How about hop on a plane and explore every one of them?

Vatican City

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Vatican is the smallest country in the world and it gained the status of independent city state in 1929. Vatican City is visited by prople with different religions.
There are so many souvenir sops around the walls but when you pass them you will see the most amazing architecture examples of renaissance and baroque period.
You will feel like you went 500 years ago in time when you are wandering in Vatican Museum, St. Petrus Basilica,breathtaking Sistine Chapel and a symbol of Swedish Guards in colorful uniforms. The best part? You can do all of that in a day.
Our advice: In this religious state,there is a dress code that doesn’t allow bare legs and arms.So make sure you covered your arms and legs.

Cappadocia , Turkey

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We are sure you have seen this place in pictures but no picture can replace it. This historic kingdom is standing still for 3500 years and adored by the million tourists ever year.
To fully explore,the best way is to look down from sky. The hot air baloon tours are almost 200 €. It sounds expensive but you will think that it is totally worth for this amazing place when you fly around for 95 minutes. Cappadocia is in the UNESCO world heritage list.
Our advice: You must see Cappadocia before sunrise.

Palace of Versailles,France

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France is full of flashy royal castles but compared to Palace of Versailles,all of them seem ordinary. This is the most magnificent palace in all of the big baroque palaces and it was belong to the royal family from 1682 to 1879. It takes only an hour to get there by train from Paris.
You can start your trip from the beautiful Versailles gardens and then rest between the pink columns of Grand Trianon.
When you feel ready,you can get in the long line to see the most important part of palace Galerie des Glaces which is totally worth it.There is a 73 meter long salon which has 17 giant mirros on one side and on the other side there are 17 windows that look for the garden. There are frescos on the ceiling that represents the royal achievements.

Petra, Jordan

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Most of western people knows Petra from movies Indıana Jones:Last Adventure and Transformers 2.
People are visiting this UNESCO world heritage because of those movies but the main charm of this place is in its beauty and maintaining itself till these days.There are graves,barns and an amphitheatre which was made by Nabateans around 300 B.C.

Blue Lake, Northern Lights, Iceland

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You probably think about Blue Lake when we say Iceland. It’s only 50 minutes away by car from the center of Reykavik and you shouldn’t miss the chance to see it.
Due to the proximity to the lava beds and geological conditions,water in lake is 39*C and rich in mineral such as silica and sulfur which makes swimming relaxing as well as rejuvenating.
Don’t forget to look to the sky to watch Aurora Borelias if you visit Iceland in fall or winter.
Our advice: Book in advance! Buy your tickets by visiting the Blue Lake web page and make sure you don’t miss this experience.

Machu Picchu, Peru

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Machu Picchu is the most important touristic place in South America.It’s like it’s not belongs to earth.
It’s the Incas’s one of the main achievements in existence until today which was built in the middle 15th century. Most part is aging quickly but you can still visit to see maze like stairs,temples, aqueducts, lookout areas that located across 5 hectares of mountain surfaces.
It is actually really easy to access Machu Picchu even though it is on the top of the clouds. After flying to a nice village Cuzco (90 minutes from Lima ) you can get there by bus,train or joining walking group.

Las Vegas, USA

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Never mind what people say,sometimes you mustn’t be satisfy with less. At least it’s all you can say about Las Vegas.
Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert,very colorful and very shiny city where almost anything can happen (and probably will).
South Las Vegas Boulevard is well known by its 7/24 open casinos,bars and luxury hotels.Also here, you can see the imitations of the touristic places out of the USA.
Every year there are 30.500.000 tourist come to Las Vegas.Follow the and have yourself a flashy,crazy vacation. Don’t forget,what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas!

Peak Tram ,Hong Kong

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Peak Tram has opened first for the residences of the Victoria Peak and British governor Sir George William Des Voeux in 1888. Peak tram has over 4 million tourists today. Trip takes only 7 minutes but you can’t find this wiev from anywhere else in the city.


  1. Vatican city guards are Swiss not Swedish….headshake… This is when I stopped reading the article. Can’t trust wrong info out the gate.


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