Yes, maybe accommodating in a hotel has privileges while comparing to find a place to stay through Airbnb! But, this time the point is staying in tree houses. Airbnb which offers places to stay from castles to mansions, from tents to ordinary rooms, is quite popular with its tree house options among its users.

Business Insider chose five-star tree houses  which they offer ‘’living in the middle of leaves’’!

7.Atlanta, the USA

Fantastic Tree Houses (1)

Secluded Intown Tree House is not just the most popular tree house of Airbnb, but is a must-seen and must-stayed place for rent. It has rooms gathering by timber bridges, and an antique decoration. It is hard to make a booking due to great interest. $350 per night.

6.Monferrato, Italy

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This tree house with Monferrato Hills view has one room and a parlor. Spending a night in here costs $161. Designing in modern architecture, its room is minimum for 2 people. Terrace is a plus!

5.Illinois, the USA

Fantastic Tree Houses (3)

30 minutes away from Chicago, the accommodation in this tree house costs $195 per night. There are a double bed and a bunk. It has almost everything like in the hotel; but for shower and toilette, you need to come down the ladder.

4.Oahu, Hawaii

Fantastic Tree Houses (4)

The most important privilege of this Sunset Beach Tree House Bungalow located in famous North Shore is the clear ocean view. This 23 m² tree house rents for $215 per night.

3.Costa Rica

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The peaceful option located in a rain forest with a wild life, near thermal spring. It has a bathroom and a kitchen but not a TV or telephone. Who need them in such a place?

2.Blue Mountains, Australia

Fantastic Tree Houses (1)

An ideal option for those who love outdoor sports, this tree house is located among two national parks and it has large windows, fireplace and spa. Accommodation costs $691 per night.

1.San Francisco, the USA

Fantastic Tree Houses (7)

This tree house is 15 minutes away from the South part of San Francisco. A 150 years old oak tree is passing through the house. The accommodation costs $275 per night. The bathroom is downstairs.

(Photos: Airbnb)


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