Maybe some of you who have an uncontrollable wavy and curly hair spend a fortune and lots of time at salons to have a straight hair which goes with any outfit. Wouldn’t it be great to know some useful tips to blow dry your hair straight at home? Saving time and money is a plus!

Then, let’s follow the tips we’ve gathered below!

7 Blow-Drying Tips To Get A Flawless Straight Hair

1.Hair care products that you use during the shower are really important. You should prefer using intensive repair shampoo in order to minimize the damage caused by the heat from the dryer. If your hair is damaged, you should use leave-in hair conditioner right after shampoo to make your hair look good and smooth.

2.Do not blow dry your hair straight in a humid place. Otherwise, your hair is going to be frizzy in a short time.

3.If you rub your hair roughly with towel back and forth, it will have frizzy ends. So, just take a towel and press and twist your hair to dry after shower.

4.You should start to blow dry your hair at the roots with a thick round brush, then roll it down through the ends.

5.If you have a one length haircut, straight hair will look good on you. If you have a layered haircut, then tousled wavy hairstyle will make your hair look voluminous and more stylish.

6.One of the important points is to choose the right hair comb to brush your hair. If you have a thin and long hair, you should prefer using wide tooth hair comb to volumize your hair. If you have a thick hair, you should prefer using fine tooth comb to get a perfect result.

7.Divide your hair into several parts. Start blow-drying from the underside of your hair. Then, follow the same step for the top.



7 Blow-Drying Tips To Get A Flawless Straight Hair

-If you use the blow-dryer on a high heat, don’t apply too much heat to the same spot.

-You should dry your hair first. Don’t start blow-drying your hair straight when it is too wet.

-Apply heat protection spray on your hair before blow-drying.


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