The world happens to be full of awesome and wonderful places that we never really knew existed. These places are so full of wonders that you might want to really visit them even if you are breathing your last breath on the sick bed. Below are some of the places where nature has really done some great surprises. Here; 6 Nature’s Most Beautiful Places…

20 Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

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You might have heard of the grandeur of Angkor Wat, but what better way is there to prepare yourself for a wonderful morning than watching the saffron sun peek on the world’s most adventurous religious beacon and see the surrounding countryside in its ……SIZZLING….. glow? Springing out of the Angkor are 200 imposing temples of equal sizes. This put together happens to be the largest industrial settlement complex ever known in the world.

Sydney Opera House (Australia)

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What is the outcome of mixing handful of orange peels, a Maya temple and a bushel of palm fronds? The house of Sydney opera is a in the skyline of the great city, a projection screen for the festivals of Sydney’s Myriad, a light house for ferries entering the harbor and a barometer of a worldwide artistic talent. Utzon built it as an architectural marvel ahead of its time. One might wonder how such magnificent building that changed the entire image of the country was put up without the kind of technology existing today.

Easter Island (Chile)

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This wonderful island happens to be one of the most remote in the world with 887 monolithic stone heads. This has a customary tale of depletion of resources and over population. The great Esther Island will evoke the inner myth buster even in the dumbest tourist. Its mysterious moai was transported throughout the entire island using an unknown method which has left historians in mystery for decades.

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

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This wonderful Island was referred to as “a little world within itself” by Charles Darwin. The Galapagos is a melting pot of marine life, courtesy of it location right within the confluence of 3 different ocean currents. This wonderful Island houses some cornucopia of colorful species such as blue footed booby, pink iguana, giant green tortoise and many more. These are uncommon species with a lifespan of over 170 years. This means that some of the species found in the Island today have been in existence before Darwin’s visit.

Stonehenge (UK)

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Stonehenge is one of the most striking prehistoric megalithic monuments in the whole world. It has a sophisticated concentric plan and sheer size of its megaliths. This wonderful monument was built between 3,000 and 2,000 B.C, this is the most iconic attraction in England. Was it a sacrificial burial ground or was a celestial timepiece? It continues to be an archeological mystery.

Yellowstone National Park (USA)

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It was the wild plains of buffalo, wolves, bears and elk and also an extraordinary natural art gallery of geysers, scorched and hot spring, bubbling earth that spurred the United State president Ulysses S. Grant creating the first national park which was named Yellowstone. It remained one of the most >>>>FABLE><>> spots on the U.S map and a masterpiece of at.


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