Eyebrows help us to recognize face

According to a research, people have difficulty in recognizing the faces of other people that they know if they have no eyebrows in the photo shown for a test.

People always tend to show their eyebrows as ‘more beautiful’
Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the beauty for women, however the sense of eyebrow beauty has changed from time to time. For instance, in Florence during the Renaissance, people removed their eyebrow hair totally; however in Ancient Egypt thick eyebrows were preferred.

Eyebrows help us to express our feelings

Eyebrows act as a part of our expressions. They move automatically; so if you rise your voice for some reasons, your eyebrows will move either. They sometimes move to reflect our emotions and thoughts.

They act like a ‘wiper’

Many people don’t know what their eyebrows’ function is. The eyebrows keep the moisture out of our eyes when it rains or we just sweat.

Having too much hair?


According to a research, there are 250 hairs per eyebrow in average, however this can be up to 1100!

Your eyebrows have a lifespan!

It is said that the average lifespan of our eyebrows is approximately 4 months! Within this period, there will be eyebrows growing in and falling out.


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