Have you ever wondered what’s happening in the background of a movie we watch at the cinema?

Aside from troubles in the production process, even the leading role was replaced by last-minute decision. Here we have gathered the most notable cases that you might not know.

1- Stuart Townsend – The Lord of the Rings


He was too “young and baby-faced”!

The baby-faced actor had been casted as Aragorn and he trained for two months for sword fighting and worked out to take once in a lifetime role. The day before filming, he was thought to be too young for this project by Peter Jackson, then they replaced him with Viggo Morgensen.

2- Ryan Gosling – The Lovely Bones


Too Fat!

For the role of Jack Salmon, the grieving father of Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, Gosling gained 60 pounds. When he arrived on set the first day he couldn’t impress Peter Jackson the way that he thought he would.

Ryan stated that he was too young to play the role of a 14-year old girl’s father, so he gained some weight on and grew beard, however the two had different ideas of what the character should have looked like. In the end, Ryan was replaced with Mark Wahlberg.

3-  Eric Stoltz – Back to the Future


Too serious for the role.

Believe it or not, Stoltz was originally casted as the main character in Back To The Future. He even shot several scenes! But apparently he just couldn’t nail the comedic lines and so he was replaced. 

4- Frank Sinatra – Dirty Harry


Occupational illness, a broken hand!

At first, Sinatra was meant to play the leading role in the now iconic cop movie Dirty Harry. However, after he broke his hand, the movie makers then offered the role to John Wayne but he didn’t accept the role after Sinatra, so they had to swap him out for Clint Eastwood. Not a bad fill in..

5- Dougray Scott – X-Men

Dougray Scott

Unsuited schedule!

The role of Wolverine was originally going to be played by Dougray Scott. Because of Dougray’s conflicting schedule with “Mission Imposible II”, the role was given to Hugh Jackman who was relatively unknown at that time.

Well, the result is obvious; an awesome career, one of the best portraits of all time! Thank you Dougray for letting us meet Hugh Jackman. Dougray also stated that Hugh was a super actor he played the role even better than he would. What a class act…

6- Christian Bale – American Psycho


Bale is the only man who got fired and returned. Harron, the director, formally offered the part to Bale, who accepted, but then distributor Lions Gate Films wanted a bigger name in the starring role, and eventually issued a press release stating Leonardo DiCaprio was to play Bateman.

Eventually Harron got what he wanted and Bale played the role, and it propelled him to stardom.


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