A museum need not be too conventional or stereotypical showcasing high culture and tradition. We can also find exotic, “odd” museums around the world depicting interesting and bizarre subjects to tickle the wild imagination of tourists.
If you are into strange or unusual exhibits, you might want to check out some weird, out-of-this-world museums.

5-Shinyokohama, Raumen Museum, Japan

Weird Museums in the World (4)Are you a ramen or noodles lover? Ramen noodles are a staple Japanese food since the year 1958. Japan now boasts of more than 200,000 restaurants offering ramen.

To pay tribute to their favorite food, a three-floor museum was built which was actually a remodeled version of Tokyo’s Shitamachi neighborhood. Guests are also offered sample dish noodles.
You will also be surprised to discover that there’s a chocolate ramen which is a cocoa-flavored ramen topped with chocolate sauce. Tourists can treat themselves to this delicious-flavored ramen from the souvenir shop just outside the museum.


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