For an efficient environment to work, you should organize your worktable first. Below, you can find 5 suggestions to make your worktable tidier and more practical.

Employees who work at offices spend most of the day on their worktables. For us to work efficiently, our worktable must inspire us and be tidy. You can go on reading and learn about recommendations for a practical, tidy worktable that reflects you.

Say goodbye to unnecessary things

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Firstly, get rid of unnecessary things while you are organizing your worktable. Unnecessary things on your worktable make you do your job less efficiently. While you are organizing your worktable, keep the things you use frequently within reach and put the things you use much less frequently to a place you will not be bothered.

Use pen box

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Pens and pencils everywhere on your worktable… Not a nice view. For your comfort and for a tidier worktable, obtain a stylish pen box and put all your pens and pencils into it. This way, you will not lose time when you are looking for a pen or a pencil.

Customize your worktable

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Your worktable at the office reflects you. For better, place something from yourself onto the table. For example; a photograph of you taken with your family, your love or your friends, a knickknack that reflects you or a bouquet of flowers you love the most. When you do one of these, you will feel better as you are at home.

Use Post-it Notes

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Not to forget anything and to have a tidy worktable, use post-it notes. By taking notes on colorful post-it notes in different shapes and sizes, you can bring a lively and nice appearance to your worktable.

Tidy up your things with file holder and organizer

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To be more practical and tidier while you are working, you have to use a file holder. Also, an organizer where you can place stationery office supplies like paperclips, post-it notes and sticky tape may be extremely useful. This way, it will be much easier to find what you are looking gor and your worktable will look much tidier as well.


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