Have you ever wondered why you should squat everyday? So, we can give you 5 reasons…

Almost every workout program includes squat exercises. But why?

Here is the answer!

1.It strengthens legs and glutes.


If you do squat exercises everyday, your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings will improve and gain strength. Squat also activates the hormones helping to build and improve your muscles.

2.Squat helps legs and butt to get in shape.


Doing some basic squat exercises regularly will tone your legs and tighten your butt in a short time. If you do the exercises with a pair of dumbbells, it will be more effective to achieve your goal!

3.It improves the mobility in ankles and hips.


Squat is a great way to improve the mobility in hips and ankles without harming the joints.

4.Doing squat exercises regularly will strengthen cores and flatten stomach.


Keeping your core tight will reduce the risk of injury. If you perform weighted squats, your core stabilizes your entire body. It helps you to get a flatter stomach while improving transverse and rectus abdominus.

5.It will improve your posture.


Squat will improve your posture while stabilizing your body and improving balance.

Basic squat exercises:


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Your back should be in a neutral position. Bend your knees slowly and lower yourself down until reaching a 90-degree angle. Then, slowly stand up. Repeat 15-20 times.

You can also try to do dumbbell squat exercises to make your workout harder.


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