If you are looking for an interesting place to discover and spend your holiday, here we have gathered the secret European islands that you might not know!

1.Gotland, Sweden


However Gotland is the biggest island of Sweden, the tourists are still thin on the ground and it is not known by many people. It is located 90 km far from the Baltic coastline and its capital, Visby, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its beautiful national parks and more than 100 historical places. Gotland is also an ideal place for those who love trekking, horse riding and biking. It is also a good destination for history-lovers with its many medieval churches and historical ruins.

2.Poros, Greece


Poros is a perfect place to visit with its Lemon Forest with more than 30,000 orange and lemon trees. You can rest in a cafe located on the coastline and enjoy the view while tasting delicious foods. Taverns are plus!

3.Holy Isle, Scotland


Located on the west coast of Scotland, Holy Isle is a great place to relax and experience a peaceful holiday. You can also attend some courses like meditation, yoga and even ‘lucid dreaming and mindfulness’. You can fly to Glasgow or Prestwick and take a train, or even take a chopper to reach the island!

4.Bozcaada, Turkey


Located on the serene Aegean Sea and once known as Tenedos, Bozcaada offers a great experience to its visitors with its lavender fields, vineyards and beautiful coast. In order to reach the island, you should fly to Istanbul first, then take a ferry across The Marmara Sea and reach this Turkish heaven.

5.Comino, Malta


Comino is a very small island that offers a peaceful holiday to its visitors. The island has a permanent population of four (yes, just 4!). It is a car-free island that is ideal for those who love diving, going windsurfing and taking a walk! The Blue Lagoon is probably the best asset of Comino Island. If you are looking for a place for a tranquil holiday, then this island will be a perfect choice for you!


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