Italy is best known for delicious pizzas, wines, fascinating architecture and historic values. If you want to visit Italy but don’t want to go Rome, Florence and Vatican because  you know it is too mainstream, we understand you! Italy has more than these places. Here are five small towns offering natural beauty and uniqueness you can visit in Italy:

1.Cinque Terre

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‘Cinque Terre’ means ‘Five Lands’ in Italy which refers to the five villages Cinque Terre comprises: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. The unique coastline, the five villages and the hillsides are all part of Cinque Terre National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’re into natural beauty, Cinque Terre is your dreamland!


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Umbria is the only Italian region having neither a coastline nor a border with other countries. It’s placed between Toscana and Lazio. The region is best known for handcrafts; therefore it’s a good place to buy some souvenirs. If you ever go to Umbria, you should visit the wheat fields, Spoleto Cathedral and Palazzo dei Consoli.


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Portofino is a small fishing commune located in Genoa. It’s famous for its picturesque harbor and colored houses. Portofino is important for its historic value in music and art worlds. La Piazzetta Square of the commune is a must see!


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Positano is a village on the Amalfi Coast and known for its hills leading down to the coast. Positano has a unique architecture style with all small and colored houses. Tiny islands comprise this small fishing village.

5.San Gimignano

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San Gimignano is small medieval hill town in Tuscany. It’s best known for its medieval architecture with a dozen of tower houses. The well-preserved structures in the village are all notable example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture styles. Sam Gimignano is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You should definitely try local wines in Sam Gimignano!


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