A touch from an eyeliner can influence beauty considerably. By using eyeliner, you can obtain cooler appearance, bigger looks, denser eyelashes and more dramatic makeup. We are sure that you are aware of this, you love eyeliner styles and yet you don’t lean to apply eyeliner as its application is somewhat difficult. Think once more after you read these 4 tips given below!

Try with an eye pencil

women eyeliner

If you experience difficulty in liquid eyeliner application, then try to create an outline on your eyelid by using an eye pencil. Next, apply liquid eyeliner onto the outline. This last step will make your makeup easier to clean and it will increase durability as well.

Begin from outer part


It may be a mistake to apply eyeliner from inner part to outer part. When you are creating the tail part, you should also create the shape of your eyeliner makeup. With this method, you can visualize how your eyeliner makeup will end up: thick or very thin!

Distribute it with eye shadow


With a brush, take some eye shadow (bright or matte, don’t matter) that has the same color with your eyeliner and for blazing and misty eye makeup effect, distribute your eyeliner with this brush. In this way, distribution will be easier and your eye makeup will be more durable!

Get support from your mascara


Apply your mascara as close to your eyelash line as possible. If it is difficult for you, get support from your eyeliner brush and apply your mascara onto your eyelids like gel eyeliner.



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