Who doesn’t want to get perfect curls in just a few simple steps? Here are some simple tips to get sexier and fuller curls!
We sometimes have bad hair days and good hair days. Besides, we all have different hair types. But who doesn’t want to have as beautiful curls as the waves of the sea? Using the blow dryer correctly has a key point in getting a good-looking hair. No need to have professional hairdresser skills. You can make some differences in your life with these simple techniques.
You will get amazing waves after you carefully apply these steps according to your hair type!

For Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, first thing you need to do is to apply curl boosting mousse to get stylish waves. Section your hair into four parts and blow dry each part by twisting your hair as much as you can. The more you twist the better the curls. Believe it or not, even slightly twisting is enough for natural and amazing results.

For Wavy Hair

If you already have wavy hair, braid loosely half top of your hair starting from your ears. After blow-drying, unravel your braids, and get amazing waves!

For Loose Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, start with applying a hair straightening product on your hair. Section your hair into four parts. After slightly drying, sleep over a night with braids. You will wake up with perfect waves in the next morning.

For Tight Curly Hair

If you have tight curly hair, start with applying a water-based mousse and comb your hair. With an elastic hair band make a high ponytail. After drying your hair, take the ponytail off. The result will be incredible!



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