If you put on makeup frequently, you have probably experienced the fact that the hardest thing is to make your makeup durable for a long time. It gets even harder for your makeup to be durable throughout the day with sweating and oily skin. Then, what to do? Here are the secrets for durable makeup!


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A durable makeup requires primer application first. It is a product, which is generally in cream form, that you can apply onto your face and eyelids before makeup. It behaves as a layer for your eyeshadow and foundation cream. It reduces porous look and ensures other products to be distributed evenly on your skin. Of course, it also helps your makeup be durable throughout the day.

2-Face Powder

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Stabilizing makeup with face powder is another crucial point. You can stabilize your foundation cream or under-eye concealer with face powder. You should not apply pressure while you are applying face powder – you should apply it with little and gentle movements. A few minutes after you apply face powder, you can distribute it on your face gently.

3-Stabilizer Spray

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Another secret for makeup that will stay all day long is stabilizer spray of good quality. You can use it before or after makeup. However, if you will use it after your makeup, take cognizance of applying it from a reasonable distance and closing your eyes.

4-Skin Care

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Skin care has high importance for makeup to be durable. The best makeup is the one that you make on cleaned, moisturized skin. Cleaning and moisturizing skin before makeup create appropriate layer for makeup on your face. Therefore, you should try to stick to skin care routine always. When you keep your skin clean and moist, you will realize the difference!



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