1- Do bungee-jumping or parachute.

You Should Do  (2)

2- Go to Europe with Interrail with a friend.

You Should Do  (3)

3- Be up all night on the beach.

You Should Do  (1)

4- Stay away from technology for a week and be alone with yourself.


5- Balloon at Cappadocia. It will certainly be one of the most perfect experiences of your life.

You Should Do  (1)2

6- Attend a painting course or learn to play an instrument.

You Should Do  (1) 1

7- Design your own attire or have it designed.

You Should Do  (1) 2

8- Attend a language school.

You Should Do

9- Prepare a small back pack and take to the roads with no plan.

You Should Do  2

10- Create a blog about your life and keep it updated.


11- Go to the gym for 1 year.


12- Watch your favorite singer’s concert from the closest place to the stage and have your photo taken.

You Should Do  1 (1)

13- Participate in a marathon.

You Should Do  1 (13)

14- Attend a course to learn a dance that you like

You Should Do  1 (12)

15- Make a collection of something you are interested in.

You Should Do  1 (11)

16- Attend a TV show that you like as a viewer.

You Should Do  1 (10)

17- Learn to dive and discover underwater world.

You Should Do  1 (9)

18- Go to a place where you have a photo of you when you were a child and have your photo taken with the same concept at the same place.

You Should Do  1 (8)

19- Take charge in a charity organization.

You Should Do  1 (7)

20- Get rid of at least one phobia of yours.

You Should Do  1 (6)

21- Watch the sun set and the sun rise.

You Should Do  1 (5)

22- Donate blood.

You Should Do  1 (4)

23- Swim in a pool or in the sea at night.

You Should Do  1 (3)

24- Spend a summer as an animator. You will see that you will meet and learn many new people and things.

You Should Do  1 (2)

25- Swim with dolphins. You will see how much you will be entertained.

 You Should Do  1 (1)


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