2015 fall fashion began to show itself. Even if it’s hard to leave summer for most of us,it looks like this season will revive us.We have compiled for you a very ambitious trends of 2016 fall,the most prominent appearance of the hair and makeup that opens the season.

Your face is my canvas

2015 Fall Hair Fashion and Makeup Trends (7)

This season,it’s possible to see artworks in makeups.

This trend that we see on Vivienne Westwood,Red Label,Giamba,Anthony Vaccarello,Givenchy and Jacquemus  fashion shows, is out of the makeup limits. Thanks to this trend, we can see many work of arts as the faces handled like a canvas.

Crazy Eyeliners

2015 Fall Hair Fashion and Makeup Trends (1)

Eyeliner comes across in many forms this season

One of the looks that hits in this season is the free spirit eyeliners. İt’s not a surprise to see eyeliners covered all the eyelids and apllied till to the nose this season.

Victory of Hairpins

2015 Fall Hair Fashion and Makeup Trends 8

From simple to elegant,all kinds of hairpins seem to find its place this season.

Hair accessories are in trends of fall 2015. These looks that we see on Suna,Honor,Derek Lam,Carolina Herrera,Fendi,Dolce & Gabbana,Prada and many more fashion shows, will be the trend that brings light this fall.

Dark Lips

2015 Fall Hair Fashion and Makeup Trends (3)

Dark lips give dramatic touch to this season.

Dark color makeups have the depressing side of the autumn.This season,they are on the fashion shows. You can have the dramatic looks with dark colored lips with a simple skin make up and dark eye shadow.

Return to childhood with a side ponytail

2015 Fall Hair Fashion and Makeup Trends (6)

Side ponytails bring freshness to the hair fashion.

When did you make a side ponytail? If you don’t remember,this season will make you remember . The side ponytails,we see on podiums offer innocent but also a sophisticated look.

Cat eyes

2015 Fall Hair Fashion and Makeup Trends (4)

You can be fashionable even  with a tailed eyeliner.

Eyeliner will never be out of fashion but this season is definitely going to be its golden age. We can see every kind of eyeliner styles on the fashion shows but tailed eyeliner will be the dominant one.

Rise of The Bangs

2015 Fall Hair Fashion and Makeup Trends (2)

You may prefer your bangs with wavy hair.

Bangs fashion remains its effect  this fall. It’s possible to see bangs everywhere combined with wavy hair.

Magic of The Colors

2015 Fall Hair Fashion and Makeup Trends (5)

Summer shows itself with the hair fashion this fall.

One of the trends that makes summer effect is the colorful hair.Especially pink. These colorful hair adds vitality to the season.


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