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19 Extraordinary Hotels That You Want To Stay For Life


Imagine that you leave the town with its people, noise and pollution, your business life just behind yourself for a moment… You may enjoy relaxing in a forest area or sailing in a deep blue sea. Or you may just enjoy the tranquility of silence in somewhere by crossing your legs.

Okay, then. These are a bit ordinary and stereotype. Let’s enhance our dream and add some more creativity into them. Now, we are in hotel surrounded by sea, or made from a bell glass, or look like a UFO or a birdhouse, or has a trailer or even a plane inside of it. Do they seem impossible? Not at all. You will see what people can do with their imagination and they make everything possible. Some people have already stretched their imagination for us by building great hotels! Here are 19 extraordinary hotels that make you smile and are ready to set your travel plans!

1.Kakslauttanen, Finland

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For those who love watching snow views gathering with peaceful forest, this hotel which rooms look like tiny modern igloos is definitely a perfect choice to spend your time!


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