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18 Natural Wonders of Europe That You Must Visit


People are generally curious about Paris cafes or ruins from Roman culture. Yet, there are many attractive natural wonders in Europe. For you, we have listed 18 natural wonders of Europe.

1. Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

Cliffs of Moher - Ireland

Located in the western part of Ireland, Cliffs of Moher is like a curtain between Ireland and Atlantic Ocean. The place is named as so after a castle that was built in 18th century. Being 300 million years old, these cliffs are 120-200 meters above the sea level. According to a legend, it was the place where golden city Kilstiffen existed. After the owner of this city lost the key of an enormous castle, the city submerged.

2. Cairngorms National Park – Scotland, United Kingdom

Cairngorms National Park

Do you want to travel to the mountainous terrains of Scotland just like the Celts and Picts did once upon a time? If yes, then Cairngorms is the place. It is the largest natural park of England and it is home to 5 of the 6 largest mountains in Scotland. There are 52 peak points and one of them is the best for you.



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