As a today’s world one of the most dominating approaches, capitalism tries to insult and trivialize the social movements that have potentials to change the world as opposed to itself. As Gandhi said, ‘’First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’’.

1)In English language, ‘’tree hugger’’ is a word to be used to tease on environmentalists.

Tree Huggers (17)

2)In Merriam Webster dictionary, we can also see the word explanation just like this:

Tree Huggers (18)

Someone who is regarded as foolish or annoying because of being too concerned about protecting trees, animals, and other parts of the natural world from pollution and other threats.

3)However it becomes an object of derision, there is a tragic case behind it.

Tree Huggers (3)

4)The tragic case started during the construction of a palace in India in 1730.

Tree Huggers (2)

5)And for this cause the trees around it should have been cut…

Tree Huggers (1)

6)However people who would cut trees confronted 363 saviours taken an oath for protecting trees.

Tree Huggers (5)

7)But in the end, those saviours were killed by people who cut trees.

Tree Huggers (6)

8)But their sacrifice led a law about limiting tree cuts to be enacted in the country.

Tree Huggers (6)

9)When we look today, there are lots of reasons to be a tree hugger. The foremost is, of course, ‘’Global Warming’’.

Tree Huggers (7)

10)According to a recent research, carbon dioxyde (CO2) level in the atmosphere exceeded 400 particles out of a million.

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11) This means, people used fossil fuels in such level that CO2 in the atmosphere reached its highest level within 400.000 years. It has led to glacier melting, increase in the temperature that is also known as global warming, and the acid levels in the oceans.

Tree Huggers (9)

12) S. : Total forest area in whole world reduces 2.5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxyde level in the atmosphere annually.

Tree Huggers (10)

13)Namely, forests and natural vegetations reduce carbon dioxyde level with photosenthesis up to 30%.Tree Huggers (11)

14)A grown tree has the capacity of absorbing 2.3 kg carbon dioxyde and producing 1.7 kg oxygen by photosenthesis in an hour.

Tree Huggers (12)

15)But it is not that simple. There are lots of things to be changed. However forestation is the easiest way to reduce the effects of global warming.

Tree Huggers (13)

16)Now, ask yourself before teasing these people: ‘’What kind of world would I like to live in?’’

Tree Huggers (14)

17)Like this?

Tree Huggers (15)

18)Or this? Decision is yours!

Tree Huggers (16)


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