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16 Pictures of Cats Sitting On The Glass Table


Cats are amazingly cute pets, but they are cuter while sitting on your glass table that enables you to watch them from below! So, how are you going to do that? Just put some cat food on a glass table and allow your cat to eat it from there. Your cat can even sleep or play on it while you are watching his/her. To see how it will be cute, check out these definitely amazing cat pictures sitting on the glass table. We bet you will definitely enjoy !


1.‘’In my dream I was sleeping on a glass… Omg I have already slept on a glass!’’

Cats (1)

2.‘’Hey human, what are you looking at?’’

Cats (2)

3.‘’Is this food? Give me, I am cute!’’

Cats (3)

4.‘’Leave me alone, I am cleaning myself’’

Cats (4)

5.‘’Look at me, I am so fluffy!’’

Cats (5)

6.‘’Fly me to the moonnnn…’’

Cats (6)

7.‘’Hi babe…’’

Cats (7)

8.‘’Why don’t you do your job and stop watching me, idiot?’’

Cats (8)

9.‘’And take one picture like this, please’’.

Cats (9)

10.‘’Now, no one can see me.’’

Cats (10)

11.‘’Humanbeing, I am tired of your bullshit…’’

Cats (11)

12.‘’Love me, hug me, feed me!’’

Cats (12)

13.‘’Mouse?! What mouse? I don’t remember at all!’’

Cats (13)

14.‘’They see me flying, they hatin’… ‘’

Cats (14)

15.‘’Is that a bird?’’

Cats (15)

16.‘’Hey human! Turn on this air conditioner or I’ll die from the heat!!’’




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