It requires skills to live in and fit into a small house. If, this summer, you want to re-decorate your home and make your small rooms look larger, continue reading for 15 ways to do so.

Many women experience the problem of fitting into small areas. A bedroom that is almost full after the bed or a living room where your dining room set does not fit into… We all have a small room where we don’t know how to decorate.

We also know that fitting everything you need into a small area is not easy. We provide suggestion for you to make your small room more inviting, more functional and yet elegant. You will be surprised when you see how small rooms will look bigger with these 15 suggestions.

Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Larger (6)

1- Prefer the color of your curtain same as the room’s walls.  This way, you can make your room look bigger. Another tip: use fine-textured, whole curtains.

2- Benefit from natural light as much as possible in your room. Benefit from naturalness.

3- Prefer open legged chairs and sofas of which legs don’t occupy large spaces. This way, you can make usable area of your room larger and make your room brighter.

Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Larger (5)

4- If you live in a small place, you have to keep your room tidy at all times, without being fed up. If you haven’t used some things for a year or if you say “I wish I had never purchased it”, get rid of it immediately.

5- Prefer light and neutral colors. This way, your room will look larger.

6- Prefer small, printed and self-colored carpets or fabrics. Compound colors or patterns make your room look smaller.

Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Larger (4)

7- Buy multifunctional household goods. Buy furniture like a pouf on which you can put your cup of coffee and on which you can sit as well.

8- Give place to mirrors. Reflection makes your small room look larger.

9- An old rule: small household goods for small rooms. Just a few big pieces together with all other small pieces in your small room can make your room look larger.

Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Larger (2)

10- You may evaluate covering the floor or wall-to-wall bookshelves. This will provide you larger area and more storage area as well.

11- Small rooms like foldable, functional and wheeled household goods. When you will not use them, put them aside.

12- Don’t put shelves everywhere. Some empty places provide a comfortable and spacious look for your room.

Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Larger (1)

13- Wall-wide inbuilt cupboards or openable kitchen cupboards make your rooms look larger and bigger.

14- Buy household goods of the same colors, just like your walls. This will provide excellent transition and a larger look for your room.

15- Don’t prefer transverse colors and create contrast in your room. Sometimes, placing a single thing with a certain angle may make your room look larger.


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