Sea love cannot be compared with any other love. It is not merely a component of sun-sand-sea trio. Internal fears, worries, thoughts, emotions, peace, sadness, happiness, hatred, dreams, all of these things and more are hidden in the shades of blue. Sometimes, it takes you back to the past. If you feel blue, you want waves to take everything away. At another time, you get mesmerized with blues and the only place you find inner peace is that slack water; it makes you feel that you are ‘alive.’ So, if you’re one of those who are in love with the sea, here is a good option to ‘see’ deep blues: Nautical tattoos! We’ve listed 15 nautical tattoo ideas for you:

1.Watch that seaside throughout your life.

Nautical Tattoos (1)

2.Let that starfish whisper the sound of waves to you.

Nautical Tattoos (2)

3.Nightmare of swimmers, jellyfish, is always with you!

Nautical Tattoos (3)

4.Dolphins to get you introduced to the sea life and mermaids.

Nautical Tattoos (4)

5.Sun that never set.

Nautical Tattoos (5)

6.Sailboat to take you far away destinations.

Nautical Tattoos (6)

7.Seagull flies to the freedom.

Nautical Tattoos (7)

8.The great trio of starfish, seahorse and shell to make you feel like you are in the sea.

Nautical Tattoos (8)

9.Your heart will beat like ‘’sea’’.

Nautical Tattoos (9)

10.Give a voice to the sound of blues with an oyster.

Nautical Tattoos (10)

11.Let waves to follow you step by step wherever you go.

Nautical Tattoos (11)

12.You wish you were in that sailboat!

Nautical Tattoos (12)

13.Sea turtles will take you to the blue oceans.

Nautical Tattoos (14)

14.Get inspired by these waves all the time.

Nautical Tattoos (15)

15.Little dolphin will penetrate into the depths of your soul.

Nautical Tattoos (13)


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