Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, physicist and expert in the area of electro-physics. He was born in 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia. Beside his extraordinary memory, he knew 6 different languages! So, here are more 15 interesting facts about Nikola Tesla probably only a few of us may know.

1) Revolutionizing the structure of science and technology in the world by carrying out many experiments, unfortunately Tesla has been barely mentioned in textbooks.

Nikola Tesla (27)

2) For the first time, Nikola Tesla declared that electricity could be conducted of large amount and wireless thereby spreading around from a source. Afterwards he demonstrated through performed tests.

Nikola Tesla (31)

3) Quite a sight – Tesla’s most important project was Wireless Energy Transmission. It’s confirmed that he lighted 20 lamps from a distance of 25 miles without a wire.

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4) Funny fact! Tesla was using fluorescent bulb in his lab 40 years ago when it ‘’was invented’’ by industry.

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5) Many people think radio is invented by Marconi, X-Rays by W. Röntgen and vacuum tube amplifier by Forest. Not true at all! Beside those, Tesla invented many other things that made our life easier; even microwave oven and remote control.

Nikola Tesla (28)

6) Nikola Tesla demonstrated the first remote controlled boat in Madison Square Garden, in 1898.  Later people thought he moved the boat by using his brain power. Unbelieveable inventor!  

Nikola Tesla (37)

7) Nikola Tesla had problems with Edison throughout of his life. He was used to work with Edison in his early years and helped Edison to improve electric current but never got what he deserved.

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8) In the period of war, Americans asked help from Edison about finding German submarines, Tesla offered to use energy waves but Edison argued against this suggestion. Can you guess what happened next? It lasted 25 years that ‘’radar’’ to be invented.

Nikola Tesla (2)

9) Do you know what was the award he received once for his work? An Edison Medal! How tragic is that!

Nikola Tesla (8)

10) He was the first to build a hydroelectric power plant on Niagara Falls. There is also a nice statue of Tesla in Niagara. If you visit there one day, don’t miss to see it!

Nikola Tesla (6)

11) Can you believe that Tesla was the first who thought about simply smart phones? What a vision!

Nikola Tesla (7)

12) Nikola Tesla took a close interest in life in space. He sent sound waves to space from his laboratory on March, 1899. First time in the world!

Nikola Tesla (3)

13) People knew almost nothing about the universe back then so newspapers kidded around with him by calling his works ‘’Vile’’. As we said at the beginning, he was really ahead of his time.

Nikola Tesla (23)

14) Eccentric obsession! The most serious problem in his physical life was that he couldn’t touch anyone’s hair!

Nikola Tesla (15)

15) The person who invented the modern world, Nikola Tesla died penniless in his room at New Yorker Hotel, on 7 January, 1943; at the age of 86. He could be billionaire but money was not an important object for his life. As he said:

Nikola Tesla (4)

‘’Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplisments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.’’


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