In 1955, Argentinian doctor Che Guevara threw in with Fidel Castro, who initiated 26th of July Movement (Spanish: Movimiento 26 de Julio), and in December 1956 in Cuba, guerilla warfare started against ‘Dictator Batista’. Groups led by Castro and Guevara inflicted heavy blows against Batista’s forces. On January 1st of 1959, rise of ‘Socialist Cuba’ began after Fulgencio Batista run away from the country and a group of 1000 guerilla serving Castro and Guevara seized the capital city, Havana. Some prohibitions brought by socialism went in effect, but these prohibitions were not the common ones. Let’s have a look at the prohibitions of Cuba, the country we know by its classical cars, happy people, Cuban cigars and doctors who provide health services across the world.

15. Burning a Colonialist State Flag


In Cuba, it is prohibited to burn a flag that belongs to any colonialist state; because they believe that a flag represents the country’s people, not its administrators.

14. Rejoicing After a Death, Even the Dead Was A Bad Person

Writ of Prohibition (2)

It is forbidden to rejoice after someone’s death, even he/she is a person who give someone a bad name; because respecting to his/her family’s mourning is a must.

13. Losing Freedom


Losing the power of being free is really forbidden.
* The image belongs to caricaturist Carlos Latuff

12. Sculpting Fidel Castro and Erecting a Monument

Writ of Prohibition (5)

It is forbidden to sculpt the leader of Cuban Socialist Revolution, Fidel Castro, and to worship him or erecting monuments on behalf of him. Castro used to say that he did everything for the sake of humanity, not for personal interests or not to be exalted.

11. Begging for a Thing That Is Right

Writ of Prohibition (6)

It is forbidden to beg for or to wish anything that is right, and it is forbidden to see it as a reward as well.

10. Talking About Private Lives of Historical Enemies

Writ of Prohibition (7)

It is prohibited to talk about private lives of historical enemies in Cuba. Therefore, it is claimed that no Cuban talks about the “Clinton and Monica Lewinsky” matter.

9. Working Against the People’s Power


It is prohibited to work against or to connive against the people’s power and people’s way of living.

8. Ignorance is prohibited in Cuba!

Writ of Prohibition (9)

7. Cultural degeneration is forbidden


6. Abandoning children to the streets

Writ of Prohibition (11)

It is forbidden for children to sleep on the streets in a doomed manner.

5. Overlooking class distinction

Writ of Prohibition (12)

It is forbidden for the state to overlook any case that is possible to result in situations in which limited number of rich people have much wealth or lots of people have too little wealth.

4. Not studying in university for the youth

Writ of Prohibition (13)

Leaving young people, who don’t have the chance to study in university anywhere in the world, weak at the knees without knowing what to do is forbidden. Therefore, ELAM (Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina, Latin American School of Medicine) was founded.

3. Not overcoming any health problem

Writ of Prohibition (13)

Existence of people who can’t go to a doctor due to the fact that they cannot afford examination fee or surgery fee… It is unacceptable to consider this problem as it is peculiar to Cuban people. It is not peculiar to Cuban people, it is peculiar to all people of the world who are living in poverty and it is forbidden not to accept this situation (approximately 30,000 doctors of Cuba serve in poor countries around the world).

2. Lack of Nourishment

Writ of Prohibition (15)

Existence of lack of nourishment is prohibited.
Image: A sample from Cuban cuisine

1. Lack of solidarity is prohibited


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