Yes, it is possible to enjoy and relax on your holiday, beside meeting your expectations when you travel all alone, and it is totally a different experience. Here are some tips to make your life easy if you are a solo traveller!

1.Get a map soon!

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Hotel or hostel, wherever you will stay, when you arrive you should take the business card of the place you are going to stay, and mark its location and the nearest metro station on map application of your smart phone or the map that you take from concierge for free. If you get lost, you can show the business card to taxi driver to go back wherever you stay, or you can reach the nearest metro station and get back to the hotel.

2. Say no to suitcases as bags are ‘’in’’ !

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There is no one to help you to carry your suitcases when you travel alone! So, why don’t you take a light bag with fewer items? Our suggestion for you is to get a ‘’duffle bag’’ . Don’t worry some of its models have wheels. If you have a duffle bag without wheels, you can obtain the wheels separately. 40 – 60 litres backpacks are another options for young and dynamic travellers.

3.Being alone is okay, but…

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People who travel all alone can be bored if they can’t find someone to talk. When you feel like this, go to a club or concert. So, you won’t feel that you want to be in a conversation with someone, or no one looks at you like you are an anti-social. If you like going to museums, then it is one of the ideal options J

4.There are some agencies just for solo travellers!

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If you decide to plan your trip through agencies, you can call the ones that offer double room to gather solo travellers together or single rooms with transportation without extra charges. If you are not willing to plan your trip through agencies, you can get some help from one of the most popular online vacation websites called Airbnb, and find a flat or a room that you can also receive all required information about location from the owners. You won’t believe the benefits of these websites, such as Couchsurfing, Airbnb and BlaBlaCar!

 5.Native is the best!

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The users of mentioned websites, especially of Couchsurfing,  can be volunteers to show you around. If you are a social and outgoing (and of course a friendly) person, you can also get help from your friends living other countries J. So, in this sense, you can discover the hidden beauties, bars, restaurants and so on. To visit a place, it may help to get some information from a local person.

6.Don’t bring your valuable articles with you!

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Another vital tip: Leave your valuable articles at home! Don’t forget there is no one near you that  you have to look chic! So, included your elegant leather wallet, you should definitely leave your valuable articles, such as expensive watch, jewelleries and so on, at home in order not to draw the attention of snatchers!

7.Use cash, put it in different pockets

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Always have cash with you. Put some cash in each of your pockets, or use a belt bag with several sections. If you have more than one credit card, prefer the one with less limit. It should be also convenient for international shopping. You can pay for your accommodation online as it is easier and time saving.

 8.Don’t forget to take your meds!

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You may not find your meds in another country, or you have to pay lots of money for it. So, don’t forget to take your meds with you in order not to face this situation.

9.Antibacterial wet towels can save your life!

Tips To Make Solo Travellers’ Life Easy

If you are planning to travel somewhere but Europe side, you should definitely get antibacterial wet towel with you. It will act like a saviour that you may need it everywhere included hotel’s and plane’s toilets. Depending on the country, you may also use it to wipe your fork and knife in a restaurant.

10.Let’s learn some words!

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Try to learn the language of the destination country. Applications such as Duolingo can make this process easy. If you are willing to get some help from Couchsurfing or Airbnb, the host may also help you to learn some of the words.

11.This time, please be lazy…

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Yes, you are on a wonderful holiday and it’s time to rest! Go to spa, sauna, or beach just to relax! We all believe that you deserve it, so update your program and don’t forget to spoil yourself 😉

12.Take your favorite book or TV series with you!

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Sometimes you may feel like you miss home, so take your favorite magazines, books, TV series or so on to create the awaited atmosphere!

13. Get to know some significant points!

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Learning some important points like rush hours, some events’ dates and times and so on will help you in a right way. You can prepare a draft included weather forecast, transportation alternatives, the opening and closing hours of stores or museums, local dishes etc… If you know some significant points, they will definitely help you!

14.Get benefits from travelling alone!

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You can get advantages on travelling alone if you need a last-minute ticket or a last-minute room. It is easy to find it if you are single 😉



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