I am handsome, you are handsome and he is handsome… Is there any man for who you say “why he has no serious relationship”? Let’s gossip a little. Let’s discuss possible reasons, let it not be misunderstood, but no hard feelings, please.

1. He has someone in his mind, he can’t forget his ex.

Handsome Man (12)

I don’t suppose that a man, who is unable to get over his ex, go into depression and cry slimily – yet, if he is emotional and if he has some respect for his ex, he may be a little quite..

2. He is excessively emotional, girls don’t like such a weak man.

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I won’t say that men don’t cry, but a man crying a lot is not appreciated. If you will cry, cry inside.

3. He is on good terms with money, yet he is a penny pincher.

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The type I hate: He lies low when the check comes, he doesn’t purchase a gift – yet he always talks about money, he spend his money just for himself. Expecting a gift from such a boyfriend, well…

4. Where instruments are, he is there.

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Every night, different place, dance dance dance! Throw money around man, hooray! No way, no relationship is possible with such a man.

5. What a self-confidence you have, man! He is excessively pedant.

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Someone said the guy “stay pedant and you will be charismatic” and he stayed pedant. No, this is not alright.

6. A shy man? In 2016?

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Shyness does not look good on a man. If you are shy, go back to your primary school times – yet, primary school kids are much cooler than we used to be, in fact.

7. He always talks or makes jokes about sex.

Handsome Man (9)

If he tries to make you think that everyone wants to get laid with him, if he says I did this and did that… Well… Don’t forget the saying “all bark and no bite”.

8. Yes, I am unable to bring myself to say, but… It is possible that he is gay.

Handsome Man (2)

It is possible. Respect to sexual preferences.

9. He may be antisocial.

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He sits on the sidelines and leaves you no choice but ask “what’s up?”… Maddening.

10. Conversation about its length, width etc., you know.

Handsome Man (2)

You understood, don’t make me say it.

11. He picks his nose.

Handsome Man (6)

Unluckily, there are such men.

12.  He has a bad breath, his feet, face and nose, whatever… It simply stinks.

Handsome Man (5)

God forgive them – go wash your hands, mouth or whatever.

13. He may still be an adolescent, not a grown-up.

Handsome Man (7)

Yes, his soul may still be a child and he is still unable to recognize the value of what he has. You do your best to attract his attention, but nothing happens.

14. Mother’s boy.

Handsome Man (8)

A handsome man tied to his mom’s apron strings is unbearable, believe me. Do you think that such a man can have a serious relationship? If yes, can such a man be bearable in the future?


  1. It could be he’s discovered, as many men have today, that women are dangerous and toxic. Maybe he doesn’t want to be accused of rape. Maybe he doesn’t want all his free time, space, and money monopolized. Maybe he can’t think of a way a woman could improve his life. When will women take responsibility for their actions? If a man isn’t dating someone, well it must be his fault. Ladies: If the food in the supermarket is spoiled, the customers won’t be buying. Think about it.

  2. Feminazi and misandric article, today’s women are selfish, self-centered and think they deserve everything for being women, more and more men decide to make their own way, pedantic women like you repel any man.


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