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14 Online Coding Services For Kids


Technology improves day by day, and our lives are affected by its variety of services. New sectors change their direction towards the technology, and those changes shape our lifestyles. There is no doubt that even in the role and definition of “family” in our society, technology plays one of the biggest roles.

Being a parent means more than offering a good family education for some time now. Time has changed the meaning of “being a mother and father” notion with the developments it brought. Being a parent means more than teaching children the real life, it is more about letting them discover new opportunities in life nowadays. Especially since 2000s, the developments of technology rapidly increased; as a result children are now born in the arms of technology more than ever. Even our babies learn how to use a smartphone – they zoom in, zoom out or swipe – before learning how to talk. Remember the kids who woke up early just to watch some TV? They are so old-fashioned now, kids these days refuse to sleep because they don’t want to leave their computers.

At this point, it is very crucial for children to understand technology and produce new ideas related to it, as much as using it. Today’s children will shape the future – parents have the greatest responsibility of directing them into reaching new technological achievements. Thankfully, technological services about almost any topic can be found online for the kids who will rule the world with swipes and pinches in the future. Children can now start to learn how to code, create new applications, set up their own websites and participate in developing the new technology world.

There are variety of online services that teach children how to use the programming language, while letting them become a part of the atmosphere of technology and new improvements. Here, we listed 14 online services that may help the children to learn how to code and become computer scientists of the future.


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This application is perfect for little scientists who want to create the images, illustrations or simulations in their dreams, and can be used in computers and tablets. The application also lets users to edit the codes behind the designs and change the templates. With its easy programming language, Codea is a good starting point for coding.


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