Here we have gathered some tips and tricks to apply nail polish like a pro:

1.Never shake the nail polish bottle before appyling to your nails. Otherwise, there will be air bubbles in it. Instead of this, just roll the bottle back and forth between your hands.


2.Especially if you are going to apply a nail polish in dark color, first apply one coat of transparent nail polish underneath. It will help you to remove your nail polish easily.


3.If you want to dry your nails quickly, dip them in ice cold water right after you polish them.


4.While applying nail polish, start painting at the base of your nail and paint the left and right sides, then down the center. That’s it!


5.You can apply vaseline to the edges of your nails just before painting them. It will help you to clean up the colored edges easily.


6.Neon color nail polish looks so good! To make your neon nail polish shine and last longer, apply one coat of white nail polish underneath.


7.Stay away from the dry nail polishes. They can dehydrate and dry out your nails.


8.Use nail care oil. It will moisturize your nails and make them look healthy. Apply the nail care oil after applying nail polish to your nails.


9.If you could not apply nail polish properly and colored the outside of the lines, dip a cotton bud into acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover, then gently swipe it around your nails to clean the edges.


10.Keep your nail polishes in a cool and dark place or in the fridge, and protect them from direct sunlight.


11.Don’t wash your hands with hot water right after applying your nail polish.


12.Use cotton balls to remove glittery nail polish easily.




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