It is possible to stay protected against flu just by paying attention to daily habits. It depends on hand hygiene in particular, consuming nutrients with various colors and drinking plenty of water!

Salad must be on your table

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Adequate and balanced nutrition is so important to make immune system stronger. Eat three main meals and pay attention to have nutrient groups like carbohydrate, protein and oil in a balanced manner. Have salad on your table at any meal. Pay attention to follow basic hygiene rules while you are preparing your food. Yoghurt, on the other hand, is important to protect inspiratory system and intestine system; it also supports immune system. Due to its important effects, yoghurt should be on your table for your daily nourishment as well.

Be careful about your social habits

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People who caught flu are infective one day before and 3-5 days after the symptoms. This period may be as long as 2-3 weeks for children, elders and people whose immune systems are suppressed. To avoid infection, minimize your social interactions like handshaking and kissing.

Consume nutrients with various colors

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Consume more nutrients that contain vitamin A, E and C which all improve immune system. Because, these vitamins act as antioxidants and protect us from effects like air pollution that affect our body negatively. Vegetables with green leaves, nut, walnut and legumes are rich in vitamin E. Consume at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits with different colors daily. You should stay away from nutrients having no considerable nutrition value like fast foods, packaged foods and fizzy drinks with sugar

Wash your hands frequently

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Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Especially before meals, you should wash your hands. As the first thing to do after you get home, wash your hands for 20-30 seconds and you will disinfect your hands.

Consume plenty of liquid

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It is important to consume plenty of liquid. Liquid consumption makes upper respiratory way humid and prevent viruses to hold on. Besides, this situation makes it easier to get well in case of illness. Yet, stay away from alcoholic and fizzy drinks. You can prefer diluted yoghurt drink, fresh-squeezed fruit juice, herbal tea or milk as well.

Don’t postpone exercising because of cold weather

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Exercising regularly strengthens immune system. Therefore, it is a protective factor in case of infections as well as other diseases. It is important for you to exercise regularly when you are not sick. However, if you exercise in the open air, you should put on according to the temperature and after exercising, you should take off your clothes quickly and have a shower. If you prefer indoor space, prefer well ventilated and clean places to exercise and don’t use other people’s belongings. Otherwise, indoor space creates infection risk. In case of an illness, you should rest instead of exercising.

Stay away from crowded places

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Avoid crowded places. Because crowded environments like schools, dormitories and public transportation vehicles make it easy for any virus, hence infection, to spread. Moreover, smoking and being exposed to cigarette smoke weaken immune system. Therefore, stay away from any place where cigarette and tobacco products are consumed.

Clean shared materials frequently

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Clean shared places and shared materials like refrigerator door, door handles, stair rails and telephones frequently. To prevent flu virus from spreading, it is enough to clean surfaces with daily cleansing detergents. Additionally, avoid using glass, dish, fork and spoon that are already used by other people.

Ventilate your house for 30 minutes

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In order to get rid of viruses and bacteria, ventilate your house for 30 minutes every day. Sunlight strengthens immune system and thus, go out every day for at least 15 minutes.

Put on according to the season

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Get into the habit of wearing protective clothes and accessories like warm clothes, scarf and hat during winter months. Because cold environment make body resistance weaker and create appropriate situation for infections.


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