Women like order. The things like furniture are increasing day by day and they cannot be fit anywhere. Locating them in a functional way makes our places spacious. Bring happiness into your house by reading 10 storage suggestions below which are simple and easy to apply.

You can make your decoration more useful with the practical solutions that can be applied every room in your house.

Make the garret useable

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If there are empty places in your house because of the roof, you can make use of these places with the help of your creativity. Having a bookcase or cupboard shaped according to the slope of the roof helps you to have more space.

Create space for yourself in the kitchen

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You can put small kitchen appliances which occupy place on the countertop in the kitchen closet. This helps you to work in a more comfortable and empty place when you are using your countertop.

Bring comfort to the kitchen 

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There could be nowhere to sit in the kitchens except for table-chair groups. On the other hand, it is wonderful to chat with your loved ones when you are working in the kitchen. If you want to put them up comfortably, this small sitting place located in front of the window will make you happy.

If you say you do not have a workroom

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Actually you don’t need a room to work. You can turn one of the walls occupied by cupboards from end to end into a great workroom. Use the inside of an approximately 120 cm across as a work table. If you prefer a folding chair, you can put the chair into the cupboard (into your workroom) and close the door, as well.

Make your shoe cupboard useful

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When you are choosing shoe cupboard, pay attention to its having many shelves and being bright-colored. The parts of this kind of shoe cupboards are brighter and you can immediately find the shoes you are looking for. If the shelves of the shoe cupboard you use are too large, you can make them more functional by dividing them.


Change your bedhead

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Hang shelves around your bedhead. In this way you can make an ordinary bedhead both functional and elegant. You create a wonderful place for frames, books and your small decorative objects. But don’t forget. If there is risk of earthquake where you live, it is the best to have nothing on the bedhead.

Create space in your dressing room

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If you want to use your dressing room more functionally, you can put boxes in your wardrobes. Boxes both create a modern look and clean all your mass and extra things.

Make use of your hall

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You can use the halls in the entrance of the houses with a bookcase or shelves covering the entire wall. Hall can be the best place to create a mini library in your house.

Use the spaces in your dining room

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The place your dining table is located may not be so large. If there is not enough space except for the place for the table and chairs, you can make use of the spaces on the wall. You can put your dishes and glasses on the shelves you will put on the wall.

Use the spaces on the window ledges

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If you cannot find place for your books DVDs and CDs in the home, making use of the window ledges is another alternative. Your living place becomes fresher with the help of the shelves you will put in these spaces.



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